Disney Movie Club and Rewards – Save Money on Disney Vacations

Saving Money on Disney Vacations while Purchasing Disney Movies

Disney Movie Club

Disney Movie Club

When my husband approached me about joining the Disney Movie Club to get discounted movies for our daughter for Christmas, I thought he was crazy. I had heard about the Disney Movie Club and it really sounded like a scam to me. We weren’t really movie collectors, and this just sounded like a way to get roped into spending more money over the next few years.

My opinion certainly didn’t change with our first purchase. We did get 8 movies, four for $1 and four at an extremely discounted price, which was great! However, we needed them by Christmas. Ordering them four weeks ahead of time we were told they would certainly be here by then. No such luck. We actually never received those movies, but after calling and complaining they resent us the same movies again, arriving a week after Christmas. Not a great start.

Disney Movie Club ships your movies Media Mail, which is incredibly slow. Don’t expect your movies for 2-3 business weeks. If you don’t mind waiting and you’re looking to update your movie collection, this might be perfect for you – the movies can be very cheap. I’m hoping our experience will be more positive from now on.

Disney Movie Rewards

So how can this save you money on Disney Vacations? Disney Movies often come with a sheet of paper in the front cover with a code that says “Disney Movie Rewards.” They look like this:

Disney Movie Reward Codes

Keep this paper! I recently learned that you can redeem these rewards for Disney gift cards! Each DVD is worth about 100 reward points and each Blu-ray is worth about 150 points. If you save 1100 points you can use them to get a $10 Disney gift card.

You’re not a Disney Movie Club member? That’s totally fine because you can buy Disney movies ANYWHERE and they can have rewards codes in the cover. That’s right – that movie you just bought at Walmart? Check for a rewards code. Amazon? Check. You can rack up rewards points no matter where you get your movies.

You can even get rewards points from buying tickets to see Disney movies in theaters. Remember those Star Wars movies you wanted to see are Disney too. Marvel movies? Disney.

$10.00 might not seem like a lot, but we were able to get a gift card just using our first set of movies from the Disney Movie Club. I got a few bonus points just for registering, and I filled out a survey on the rewards website to get a few more. If you are purchasing Disney movies regularly, the points will quickly add up.

I know people who have been Disney Movie Club members for years who may have¬†countless movies they could have been using towards their rewards. They might¬†be sitting on a gold mine and not even know it. If you know people who collect Disney movies and won’t care about the rewards, why not ask them if you can use their codes? They may only have two codes they will never use, but that might be enough to get you another gift card.

A few caveats:

  1. Disney does change the rewards that are available on the website. I’m not sure how long the gift card will be available so I would definitely check it out now.
  2. The website limits 4 gift cards per user. I would register yourself, your husband, and any family members with an account to get more gift cards.
  3. Not all Disney movies come with a reward code. You can find which movies should include a code here.

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