Once Upon A Time – Why Our Family Loves Disney

Tiana hug
Princess Tiana hug

I can categorically say we are a family of Disney fanatics. People usually look at me like I have two heads when I tell them we are going to Disney World three times this year. They just don’t understand what the big deal is about this mouse-themed amusement park in Florida. Why do we keep going back? But I’m telling you, from my experience, Disney World really is the most magical place on Earth. No other company cares more about customer service and attention to detail. They are always on the ball with every single aspect of our vacation. Let me tell you a little story:

Once upon a time…

We went to Disney World with our two year old daughter. To say she was obsessed with meeting characters was an understatement. We got over 150 character autographs in our 7 days at the parks. Forget the rides, she wanted to meet Minnie and Mickey for the third or fourth time. And the princesses were her favorite.

We spent two days of our trip in Magic Kingdom. The first day the weather was great, but the second day was slightly damp. We had free range of the park with little to no lines because of the rain. As we were wandering around, we saw the meet and greet for Princess Tiana. We had already met her, but our daughter of course wanted to meet her again. Who passes up a chance to hang out with royalty?

There was not a single person in line. Now, the first day we went my daughter had picked up a few pine needles off the ground while waiting in line and gave them to Tiana. The Princess, of course, told her how beautiful they were and acted amazed at such a wonderful gift.

As soon as my daughter saw Tiana her first question was, where’s the gift? Oh no, I thought. It had been days since Tiana had met us and who knows how many hundreds of children she’d seen since then. She’s not going to remember and my daughter is going to be devastated.

But Tiana didn’t miss a beat. She said, that’s right the pine needles you gave me. They were so beautiful, I sent them back to New Orleans to keep them safe and decorate my Christmas tree there. I mean my jaw just about hit the floor. I couldn’t believe she remembered such a small detail. My daughter was all smiles.

THEN, because there was no one in line, Princess Tiana decided to take my daughter for a stroll around the park. Tiana took her hand and they strolled  around the park for 5-10 minutes while Tiana asked her all kinds of questions about her favorite color and her favorite foods. It. Was. Magical. I’m not going to lie, I teared up.

My daughter loves to collect rocks, sticks, flowers, shells, almost anything she can pick up, and give them to adults. My husband and I, family, friends, anyone we are with usually gets some type of gift. Most adults obviously don’t care about these items. They toss them to the side and forget about them. But she remembers. To a two year old (now four year old), she really gave you all she had to give at the time. All these seemingly silly things that matter to a toddler – they matter to Disney cast members.

This is why I love Disney. Moments like this. They happen on every vacation. Cast members remember tiny little insignificant details, even though they interact with thousands of people every day. You matter to them. Your child matters. That’s why we keep going to Disney World again and again. No one does magic like Disney.

And we all lived happily ever after…

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  1. So sweet! I haven’t encountered or met a kid who foesn’t likr Disney’s.. Mr. Disney is a pure genius for creating this and I thank him for that. He made every childhood life very beautiful.

  2. This is so special. Though I’m not yet a parent, I know the joy I feel when I see children so innocent and happy. I can only imagine the joy when it’s actually your own child.

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