Disney Budget Breakdown

Disney Budget Breakdown

For all my number-crunchers out there. If you’re interested in where our money went and what our budget looked like for our three Disney vacations this year, here’s a breakdown:


  • Disney Vacation Club – $1,446.54

We get 150 points per year with our timeshare and we bought that at $3.20 per point. We used 199 points to book our 8 day, 7 night vacation at the Disney Polynesian Resort in a Deluxe Suite.

199×3.20= $636.80

Plus we pay $854.74 for dues per year, but since I bought discounted gift cards I saved $45.00 on our dues this year.

636.80+854.74-45.00 = $1,446.54

  • Annual Passes – $1,664.07

I bought 3 Gold Annual Passes for $1,754.07, but I saved $90 by using gift cards.

1,754.07-90.00 = $1,664.07

  • Spending Money – $1,235.00

I allotted us $500 spending money each time we were going as a family (two trips) and $300 when I went with my daughter by ourselves. Using gift cards I saved $25 on each of the $500 gift card purchases and $15 on the $300 purchase.

500.00-25.00+500.00-25.00+300.00-15.00= $1,235.00

  • Gas – $300.00

We have driven down twice before and based on those trips I’m estimating it will cost about $150.00 per trip to drive to Disney World. We will be driving down twice this year and flying once.


  • Staying at offsite resorts for 2 vacations – $300.00 (parents’ timeshare)

This is the transfer cost for staying at my parents’ timeshare.

  • Groceries – $300.00

I’m also estimating this number, but based on recording our groceries for the past few trips, I think it will cost us about $100 per trip. I’ll update this once I have a final number.


  • Parking – FREE
  • Flights – FREE (Chase Sapphire Rewards)
  • Rental Car – FREE (paid for as Christmas gift)
  • Disney Visa Rewards – $400
  • Additional Chase Sapphire Rewards – $450

So with all the math:

1,446.54+1,664.07+1,235.00+300.00+300.00+300.00-400.00-450.00 =

TOTAL COST: $4,395.61


Here is the retail price breakdown of a Disney Vacation:


  • Disney Polynesian Resort Deluxe Suite (8 days, 7 nights) – $5,746.00

Part of our stay fell during a peak week at the Polynesian, and part fell during regular rates (I found those rates here).


  • Tickets (3 weeks) – $2,825.00

Disney park tickets are expensive! Two of our trips will be all three of us, one will just be my daughter and me. We are planning on going to the parks six days in February, six in June, and seven in December (you can find the standard rates for Disney tickets here).


  • Gas – $300

This is the same with or without the savings.

  • Spending Money – $1,300.00

I considered this as if we spent the same amount of money, but didn’t get discounts on the gift cards.

  • Off-site Resorts (2 weeks) – $1,806.00

I tried to book the same resort we are staying at for my parents’ timeshare and the quote was $129.00 per night. We are staying for 14 nights. Another added benefit of these resorts are they have a full kitchen, allowing us to save money by not eating at the theme parks.


  • Rental Car – $205.69

This was the cost of our rental car, but the price if we didn’t get it as a Christmas gift.

  • Flights – $328.00

This was the cost of our flights without the Chase Rewards.

  • Parking – $260.00

As I mentioned, parking is $20.00 per day without Annual Passes and when you’re not staying on property, and we are planning on going to the parks 13 days between our two vacations when we are staying off-site.

  • Groceries – $300.00

And the math: 5,746.00+2,825.00+300.00+1,300.00+1,806.00+205.69+328.00+260.00+300.00

TOTAL COST: $13,070.69

TOTAL SAVINGS: $8,675.08

It pays to plan ahead! We would NEVER have been able to go on these vacations without these savings. Even one trip to Disney can easily cost more than our three trips combined. Save yourself the headaches and use these techniques to take your family on an amazing Disney vacation!

13 Replies to “Disney Budget Breakdown”

  1. Sadly it is a ridiculous amount of money to visit Disney. It’s nice you have worked out a system that allows you multiple trips in a year. Once a year would be good enough for me then I would like to visit some place else the next time we took vacation.

  2. Wow these are so detailing costing! You really are into budgeting 🙂 Which I realized, going to Disneyland is really expensive 🙂

  3. I went to a timeshare presentation in August to get a hotel discount (and I blogged the experience too). It was for sure interesting but not something I wanted at that time. I’m glad you were able to save money for this trip!

  4. As if you achieved that much in cost savings! So good! Very clever of you to offset some of the cost with the Gift cards. Very well done given the amount of times your family went and for the length of time your family went for!

  5. There are many benefits to owning DVC. It is a great way to travel and the point spread can be used in so many hot vacation spots. Looks like it saved you some big money too.

  6. Oh bless you for breaking it down like this! My little number-cruncher heart is so happy! It’s amazing how much you saved. My sister is planning a Disney trip for her family of 5. I’ll have to pass this info along to her!

    1. Thanks Maggie! I am definitely a number-cruncher myself, I like to see all the figures laid out. I hope your sister has an amazing trip!

  7. awesome! we are just working out our budget right now for Disney, as we are headed there in a couple of weeks. so excited as it will be my toddlers first time and she is currently obsessed with all things frozen/princesses. 🙂

    1. Toddlers are at a great age to go to Disney! I’m sure you guys will have a wonderful time, our daughter loves Frozen too. Make sure to see Anna and Elsa in Epcot when you go, and Olaf in Hollywood Studios. They also have a great Frozen Sing Along show at Hollywood Studios, our daughter loved singing at the top of her lungs to all her favorite Frozen tunes. Disney has a lot of fun options for Frozen fans.

  8. You really put a lot of work and thought into this budget breakdown. Sadly, I’m not as good at budgeting our travels and we always spend too much, especially at theme parks.

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